Bold climate action now.

climate change

Committing to new standards for building management, green transportation, product sourcing, waste management, environmental restoration, education, and governmental accountability to meet ambitious and time-bound carbon neutrality goals.

Potential actions include:

– Commit to leadership on climate action and adaptation

– Conduct a carbon emissions audit

– Make all County-owned facilities carbon neutral through reducing emissions or offsets

– Reduce County fossil fuel usage by 50% compared to 2010 by 2030

 – Achieve carbon neutrality for San Juan County by 2050

– Minimize carbon emissions from buildings through new management standards

– Expand solar electricity generation on county buildings

– Prohibit County from purchasing automobiles from companies supporting repeal of clean air act and climate rules

 – Support and incentivize electric rideshare programs by 2022

– Establish commercial composting facilities on Lopez, Orcas, and San Juan by 2025

2- Plant ½ mile of buffers on county-owned properties annually with trees and shrubs to restore stream corridors, wetlands, and ponds

– Provide at least 12 new electric vehicle charging stations throughout the county by 2022

– Prioritize, fund, and build a countywide trail and bikeway network, with at least 5 new miles built by 2023

– Support public funding for rebated upfront costs of electric vehicles with by 2023

– Update energy code by 2023 to require highest reasonable residential and commercial energy efficiency operations

– Update Health Department rules for water use requiring monitoring of consumption

– Prohibit brush burning as soon as composting is operational or by 2025

– Provide education and outreach to achieve compliance

Be the Change You Want to See

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